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Landlords are verified and so are you. Landlords seek you out if they want you in their home. No chasing agents. No fighting other renters. No more wasted time.

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Mikey Tassinari


Frequently asked questions

Because no website is actually good at fully explaining the product.

What is Rentro?

Rentro flips the housing market: Rather than renters looking for housing, Landlords seek renters by "pre-qualifying" verified residents. Almost like a recruiter in a job process. This reduces wasted time since residents only see places that still are available and that they are qualified for. No more "Is this place still available" messages. Just get available and matching places directly every day direct to your phone.

The same way we verify landlords, we have to verify tenants to make this work. By giving landlords high quality prospects, we ensure we get high quality places for you to live in.

There's about 12 short questions, and it takes less than 60 seconds to get started. Maybe 2 minutes if you need to think about what you want in your next home.

Every day, especially as we get new places, we will send you matching places that fit your criteria and for which you fit the landlord's criteria as SMS/text messages. You can respond with feedbackand we will adjust what we send you.

Standard message and data rates will apply

Landlords have to pay a daily fee to keep their listing 'live'. This creates an incentive to remove the listing as soon as its rented. Also every landlord has to go through a verification for each listing. If they can't prove they own or manage the property, they can't list it.

Rentro is totally free to residents.

Today its manual, but we're just getting started. Soon we will be adding finance and background verification through bank connections, linkedin, and as a last resort credit scores. We want to offer many forms of verification since credit scores do not tell the full story of a person.

You can use our dedicated support email (hi@thsld.com) or use the chat widget in the bottom right corner of the website. We are here to help.

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